Embedded South(s) is from 3 November to 6 November, 2016. Read more on the program here.

Embedded South(s) is an online exhibition of moving images by artists (short-film, documentary and video art) that provides a window onto particular shared realities within an embedded south – such a context imbued with a set of attitudes and beliefs that integrally interweave, respond and cling to particular mutual experience and value (the word ‘embedded’ being also a reference to film where images are strung together and contained). By context it refers to communities previously colonized, understanding that their forced and voluntary journeys of migration today contribute to vast mobile diaspora whose tales disturb the assumption of a ‘south’ as mere geographical or economic coordinates.

This online exhibition engages 29 perspectives concerning South Asia, South East Asia, Latin America and Africa, via 32 works, screened over the course of four consecutive evenings, from 3-6 November 2016. Each evening is curated according to a particular theme (explained further on), each theme being central to Conscious Realities, the overarching endeavor that embraces this online exhibition as but one of numerous programs organised by Sàn Art over the course of the last three years.