Tiffany Chung

Tiffany Chung (b. 1969, Da Nang, Vietnam) is internationally noted for her exquisite cartographic drawings and installations that examine conflict, migration, displacement, urban progress and transformation in relation to history and cultural memory. Conducting intensive studies on the impacts of geographical shifts and imposed political borders on different groups of human populations, Chung’s work excavates layers of history, re-writes chronicles of places, and creates interventions into the spatial and political narratives produced through statecraft.

Chung holds an MFA from University of California, Santa Barbara (2000) and a BFA from California State University, Long Beach (1998). Chung is a co-founder of Sàn Art, an independent, artist-initiated gallery space and reading room in Ho Chi Minh City, that is committed to furthering the development of contemporary arts and artists in Vietnam through various public programs.

Tiffany Chung currently lives and works in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.



Vietnam/ USA




'Recipes of necessity' begins with members of Tiffany Chung’s community sitting around a typical dinner table, sharing their lives during the Subsidy period (1976 – 1986) – a period that witnessed ambitious economic reforms by the Vietnamese Communist Party to build ‘a socialist economy under communist principles’. The film shares memories of daily navigation of both Northern and Southern Vietnamese in an economically struggling country in political turmoil. The screen is split into two channels: one focuses on the community’s poignant testimony of their constant hunger, frustration with the system, and confusion about their future; the other displays sequences of a dance (directed by Chung) inspired by the stories they shared.

Saturday, 5 November, 2016

Theme: Materiality