David-Douglas Masamuna Ntimasiemi

David-Douglas Masamuna Ntimasiemi (b.1977, Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo) discovered the arts of moving image through comics and animation. After he finished his studies in economics, Ntimasiemi returned to continue his exploration and experimentation with videos and the performing arts. He then devoted his practice to documentaries, occasionally producing fiction films. His country DR Congo remains his source of inspiration and the subject matter of his works, which occasionally possess satire and metaphor overtones.

Ntimasiemi lives and works in DR Congo.


DR Congo




In the eastern region of Katanga in Democratic Republic (DR) of Congo, thousands of children toil away in its cobalt and copper deposits – the ‘blood minerals’ central to the manufacture of cell phones and computer components. Masamuna begins 'Mines de Rien' with a naming exercise through which the children become real: individuals submitted to a terrible fate, for once not a number among faceless masses, or question marks in vague NGO declarations of principles. Shortly after, we hear one of the children making wishes for a possible future, expressing a devastating insecurity on his right to live: Si je grandis…’If I grow up…’

Saturday, 5 November, 2016

Theme: Materiality